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Fight against the Gods themselves in this multiplayer battlefield.

Dare to fight the very same Gods of Creation in the battlefield of SMITE, a spectacular new play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA, which gives you the opportunity to create, customize and evolve your own God for the fight.

And it may already be powerful, because in SMITE Titans will face real war, characters created only to destroy other Gods in the Battle Arena. But relax, because in SMITE you won't be alone when you go out to fight, because the fights take place between teams of five against five players in each battle, in which each player controls a powerful God.

And going into that arena of battle reveals another original detail in SMITE, in addition to its "divine" setting - the perspective of the game in the third person, instead of the traditional first person fighting game, that allows you jump right into the dynamics of multiplayer fighting the battle arenas of SMITE. Control your God with your keyboard to move your character, and SMITE allows a lot of interaction with other players, turning challenges into a real team fight. Enjoy them by entering into the world of SMITE for free!


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